Jonas Koch’s destination tip: Fribourg

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Do not miss a visit of the Gottéron Valley on your way to Fribourg!

Jonas is employed as a CSV consultant at Agap2. Recently, he returned from a project in Basel, where he worked with Lonza. However, his true affinity lies in his hometown of Fribourg. Among the various destinations he cherishes, the Gottéron Valley holds a special place in his heart. According to him, it is one of the finest spots to seek a break from the summer heat, and he considers it a truly enchanting location. It is said that a dragon lives in the valley, so be careful around there!

You can get there by going to the old town of Fribourg and cross the Bern bridge (it’s easy to spot: it’s the covered, wooden bridge). Take a right turn, walk through the Gottéron Gate (part of the old city defense walls) and you’ll see the path to the Valley. Easy!

The best time to go would be on a hot summer day. The Gottéron river manages to keep the valley cool all year round. During the autumn, the trees transform into a stunning display of yellow, orange, and red, enhancing the visit with even more vibrant colors!

A must see or do is you should check out the cathedral in Fribourg. It’s a majestic gothic building, with Art Nouveau-stained glass. A worthwhile visit, for sure.

A must NOT see or do is to avoid the more modern part of the city around the train station, there really isn’t much there it is much better to directly walk down to the old town!

A good place to eat would definitely be in the old town, it’s a place called the Banshee’s Lodge. It’s an Irish pub located in a building that dates back to the 13th century! If you want to eat something hearty before or after your hike, I think it’s practically impossible to get a bad fondue in Fribourg. You can order one in almost every restaurant, my personal favorite might not be a good fit for everyone, but places like “Café du Soleil Blanc” or “Café du Gothard” are classics.

My best tip just for a laugh, is that you should take a trip on the funicular. You might notice a peculiar smell there. Well, it’s an eco-friendly funicular: it is gravity powered. There’s a water tank under each car, they fill the tank at the top station, and the heavier car goes down, pulling the other car up. Now it wouldn’t be very eco-friendly to use drinking water for that purpose, would it? The funicular is actually connected to the sewers, hence the smell!

You may run into me there every other weekend, I still have lots of friends and family there. And the place is just so nice, I can’t stay away for too long!

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