Matteu Andrea Motyl invites you to discover Zug

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Don’t miss the activities in and around the peaceful Zug!

Matteu works as a Technical Business Manager in the Basel office. But he is not ‘from’ Basel. He lives in a town near Zurich. Zug, to be precise. A town that means a lot to Matteu. But apart from being his home and the place where he meets his family, Matteu particularly enjoys swimming in Lake Zug/Lake Aegeri at weekends in summer and having an aperitif by the lake in the evenings.

You can get there by using the train or drive by car. It’s an approximate 25 minutes from Zurich by train and 2 and a half hours drive from Lausanne, 1 hours and 15 minutes from Basel and 30 minutes from Zurich.

The best time to go is at the end of summer and beginning of autumn, when the weather is sunny and you can enjoy the sunsets over the lake.

A must see or do is to enjoy both lakes. In summer you can go sailing on Lake Zug, rowing on Lake Aegeri. If you prefer to stay dry, go hiking on the Zugerberg. But if you are not sporty, visit the Zytturm clock tower and walk around the old town by the lake.

A must NOT see or do is, of course, the swamp next to the Zugerberg.

A good place to eat is Brasserie Löwen on the lake, or Henry’s Skylounge Zug in the Uptown for the best views of the city.

My best tip for tasting the best Zuger Kirschtorte, a famous and traditional Zug cake, is to go to Strickler’s.

You may run into me there on some weekends during the summertime.

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