Iwan Bitschin invites you to discover Saas-Fee

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Discover everything the mountains have to offer by going to Saas-Fee!

Iwan Bitschin is Technical Business Manager at agap2 in Zürich. His favorite spot in Switzerland can be found in the walliser mountains, it is the cosy village of Saas-Fee. He always feels good when he returns home to the mountains, which he defines as the heart of Switzerland.

You can get there by public transport. The journey by train to Visp is quite enjoyable and then you have to take the bus to Saas-Fee.

The best time to go is during the winter season. There is more going on in the village and a lot of parties. It’s also the best time to escape the dreariness of the plains and enjoy the blue skies and sunshine. In summer it is calmer, but beautiful too.

A must see or do is to go hiking at night with torches and eat fondue somewhere in the wild. You can do it by yourself or with an organized tour.

A must NOT see or do is to venture onto the glacier without taking precautions. A lot of tourists underestimate the danger out in the mountains.

A good place to eat is the restaurant Belmont owned by his parents (he admits to being slightly biased). To have a drink, the Old Cinema Pub is also a really nice place to go.

You may run into me there a lot during the winter season.

You can find further info at all the touristic centers in the region. They are really up to date,and they will give you all the information you need about the events, the restaurants and bars, the ski tours and hiking routes in the station.