A new division is born

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It takes a lot of hard work, passionate people and an opportunity to create a new business. This is how agap2’s new Industry division was created.


Among others, energy, railway, semiconductors, and construction are sectors currently facing tremendous challenges and thus require a high flexibility of their workers. A growing demand that did not go unnoticed to the attention of Tim Srkala and led him to dig deeper into the subject and understand the industry better. Eventually, he found a new passion for the heavy industry, which carried him to lead the creation of agap2’s new Industry division in September 2022 along with his team.

Since then, the biggest challenge the consultants are facing is turning the variety of requirements and technical demands into a strategic plan offered to the clients. However, this is solved by a dynamic collaboration allowing consultants to provide a fast and qualitative technical support. The Industry division is a real accelerator of the internal and external networks.

By the end of 2022, the team had grown to a total of five people managing and recruiting for a consultant team of 30 engineers working for no less than 10 new clients, among which Stadler Rail, MAN, ABB, Hitachi or Alstom. And Tim Srkala’s ambition for 2023 is clear: “we aim to reach 50 clients with 50 consultants and a larger market share”.