A challenging project for Hans Volek

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“The variety of problems and puzzles to solve is an exciting part of this project”

Hans works as a Project Lead / Plant Engineer at agap2 Switzerland. His strength is his outgoing personality, which enables him to bring people together and get them to work in a coordinated way. Let’s find out more about Hans and the exciting project his is currently working on.

Could you please introduce yourself and your job in a few words?
My name is Hans Volek, I was born and raised in Austria. At the moment, I am an agap2 Consultant working as a Project Leader / Plant engineer.

Could you please introduce the client you are working for in a few words?
The company I am working for is specialised in manufacturing specific molecules (APIs, different precursors) that require difficult to manage and hazardous reaction processes.

What other missions have you worked on with agap2?
None yet, this is my first project.

Could you please introduce the project you are currently working on?
The above-mentioned processes naturally need to be tended to in terms of maintenance, a task that sounds easier than it is. Some of the equipment has reached an age that makes spare parts hard to come by. So, for example, instead of replacing a small part, you suddenly have to fit a new pump system in a space too small for some of the modern, more energy-efficient pump motors.

The other half of my job is to plan, coordinate, and lead upgrades and regroups of the equipment for new molecules demanding different requirements than the old ones. In this context, numerous regulations must be applied, along with careful planning, to ensure that the facility is not only capable of production but also operates in manner that is safe for humans and the environment.

What excites you about this project?
What is exciting about this project is the sheer variety of problems and puzzles to solve, as well as the interactions with my colleagues.

What makes you the right person to do this project?
Mainly my outgoing personality, as weird as this may sound doing a technical job. You need to get a lot of different parties to work for you and most importantly: together in a coordinated fashion.

How long have you been working on this project and how long will the mission last in total?
I have been on the project for 16 months already and since it is open end, I don’t know how long it will last, let’s see.

What is the working atmosphere like within the company? Is there a perceived difference between the client’s employees and agap2 consultants?
There are some differences in terms of internal customer rules. However, when it comes to inclusion within the team and structures, there are no differences at all.

How does agap2 contribute to your daily life at work?
Through agap2’s education system I have access to a wide range of high-quality trainings and courses, which I, of course, appreciate very much. Additionally, regarding my work-life balance agap2 is a big plus and enables me to plan my spare time more freely around my work schedule. Furthermore, since I work for agap2 and not for the client directly, quite a few bureaucratic processes regarding vacation are easier to manage.