A challenging mission for Rebecca Müller

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“Every day, there is a new challenge that needs to be solved”.

Rebecca has a biotechnology background and works as Quality Owner for one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies. She loves to learn and to step out of her comfort zone. Find out more about Rebecca and the project she is working on.

Could you please introduce yourself and your job in a few words?
My name is Rebecca Müller, and I am working in Quality Assurance in the pharmaceutical industry. I have a master’s degree in biotechnology and started to work at agap2 in 2019.

Could you please introduce the client you are working for in a few words?
The client I work for is one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies worldwide. The site where I am working, is a centre for introduction and promotion of the growth in Parenterals. The company manufactures high-quality pharmaceutical substances and products that benefit patients all over the world.

What other missions have you worked on with agap2?
Prior to my current assignment, I worked on a project as a Quality Investigator in a smaller company, that develops, manufactures and markets generic and branded pharmaceuticals. They specialized in non-sterile dosage forms such as: Ophthalmic, Parenteral, Oral and Topical dosage forms, Inhalation and Nasal sprays. As a Quality Investigator I was leading and conducting in-depth investigations of critical deviations and OOS results from all areas

Could you please introduce the project you are currently working on?
Currently, I am working as a Quality Owner for a specific product. Here I am responsible for the decisions on the release of batches from aseptic manufacturing and procurement processes. Additionally, I am assessing and approving Non-Conformances and Change Controls regarding the product I am responsible for. Besides the internal Q-oversights that are performed by the QA-Department, I also participation in Health Authority audits and inspections.

What excites you about this project?
I learn a lot about every aspect of the product I am responsible for. Every day, there is a new challenge that needs to be solved and reviewed from a quality point of view, starting from the raw material delivery to the manufacturing and packaging and to release and shipping of the product.

What makes you the right person to do this project?
I like to step out of my comfort zone, learn new things and solve problems. This helps me for my work as a consultant as every project is different. I am curious and open-minded and with the knowledge I gained during my previous projects in QA I am well equipped to do this job.

How long have you been working on this project and how long will the mission last in total?
The project started in May 2023 and was originally planned for one year. Probably, it will be extended for at least 3 months.

What is the working atmosphere like within the company? Is there a perceived difference between the client’s employees and agap2 consultants?
The working atmosphere is very good. I work in a team of 15 people and have a lot of contact to other departments. At the site approximately 1300 people are working. There is no difference between the client’s employees and the agap2 consultants.

How does agap2 contribute to your daily life at work?
In my daily business at the client, I work independently, but there is always support from agap2 in any administrative matters. Every other month, a get-together with other consultants and managers is organized. Sometimes I use the opportunity to work from the agap2 office in Zurich. It’s always nice to catch up with the managers and have a chat at the coffee machine.

Furthermore, my business manager checks in every now with a call or during a lunch to see if everything is working well within the project or if any help is needed.