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I spent 20 years in Montpellier before exploring other areas, such as Strasbourg, Cork, Lausanne and Basel.

If you work at agap2, you must have heard from Robin Gourjon at least by name, since he is leading the recruitment department at agap2. What you may not know is that he is from France and meets some stereotypes: he enjoys everything about gastronomy and playing petanque. But what you may want to know most about him is his hidden talent…

But first, here’s more about…

…his place of origin: I was born in Montpellier, in the southeast of France. I spent 20 years there before exploring other areas, among which Strasbourg, Cork, Lausanne and now Basel.

…his family: I currently live in Alsace (France). I share my life with Elisa, who has been my partner for 11 years and we have a wonderful 2-month-old baby girl named Victoire.

…the missions he completed at agap2: I have been working for agap2 for almost 5 years (4 years and 8 months to be precise). I started as a Business Manager in the Life Sciences sector at the Lausanne agency. At the time, I was the first main Recruiter of agap2 Switzerland. Now, I work as the Recruitment Team Lead in the Basel agency. My main mission today is to supervise the Recruitment Department, counting a great team of 6 motivated and dynamic Recruiters thought our 3 agencies. I really enjoyed participating in interview phases because it gives the opportunity to participate directly in the future growth of the company. I also like the strategic part of my job linked to management and organisation improvement.

…his hobbies:

  • I like anything that is linked to gastronomy, going to nice and traditional restaurants, having IPA beers, good whisky, cooking and making homemade pasta.
  • I enjoy playing the famous “pétanque” coming from Provence in France (I even have a pétanque ground at my home) that does not go without a good “apéro”.
  • I love traveling and enjoying nice places in nature: lakes, coasts close to the sea…
  • I also enjoy listening to rock/hard-rock and metal music

…the languages he speaks: French is my native language; English is my business language at work, and I am about to start German lessons.

…how to get him to laugh: I am an easy audience, but I like second degree humor a lot.

…what would be essential to him on a desert island: My ukulele, my swimsuit, and my sunglasses.

…his last vacation: I went to a Croatian island named Brač.

And last but certainly not least, here’s his hidden talent: I know to imitate Didier Deschamps!