Meet Julia

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At the age of 29, Julia Wölfl is Senior Recruitment Manager at agap2 Switzerland. You may surely know her as she has been working with us for almost two years now. For her the time flies, because she loves her job. The latter consists of interviewing the best engineering talents on the labor market and to convince them of joining agap2. She also coordinates onboardings and supports the business managers on a daily basis.

But did you know about…

…her place of origin:  I grew up in a small village close to Ludwigsburg in the South of Germany. Ludwigsburg is known for its beautiful castles and a fairytale garden.

…her family: I live with my boyfriend in Germany on the border of Switzerland and commute daily to Zurich or to our new office in Konstanz.

…her hobbies: I enjoy doing Zumba, singing and spending time with my loved ones.

…the languages she speaks: My mother tongue is German, and I also speak English and Spanish. Next to these languages, I am familiar with greeting vocabulary in 5 other tongues.

…how to get her laugh: We always have a very funny atmosphere in the office. So, definitely my colleagues with their jokes (if we do not crack up at least once a day, something is wrong), but also when I hear people with an infectious laugh or when someone cracks up because of my loud and specific laugh.

…what would be essential to her on a desert island: On a desert island, I would take candy, a pencil and my guitar.

…her last vacation: I went to Japan last fall, a very fascinating country with an impressive balance of tradition and modernity.