Meet Mehdi

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Mehdi Bouaza is 34 years old and has been an agapian for almost 8 years. He has been working for agap2 Switzerland for 5 years now, so you’ve probably already heard of him. He is Business Unit Manager and really enjoys the adrenaline brought by the exciting situations he has to deal with. He also loves to guide his team members and see them grow in their jobs.

But first, here’s more about…

…his place of origin: I was born in La Rochelle in France, close to the Atlantic Ocean.

…his family: I live with my wife and my nearly 4-years-old son in France, close to Geneva.

…his hobbies:  I always love to spend time with my family and friends. I also play card games such as Poker and I am always happy to cook some French or Asian dishes.

…the languages he speaks: I am a native French speaker. I speak also English.

…how to get him to laugh: I can’t help myself with situational jokes and dark humour.

…what would be essential to him on a desert island: On a desert island I would take with me fish nets, a big knife and a compass.

…his last vacation: We went back to La Rochelle visiting our families for Christmas. I have to admit that I would have rather loved to go to Thailand.