Meet Hélène

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I like reading, talking with friends and neighbours, discovering their hobbies!

If you are part of the agap2 team, the name Hélène Procope probably rings a bell: a proud agapian for 11 years, she has worked on various assignments in Switzerland, Germany and Belgium. What might surprise you is that Paris is her hometown and she loves hiking!

But first, here’s more about…

… her hometown: L’Etang la Ville, a small village in the Paris region.

…her family: My husband still lives in the Paris region and has a short commute to work. As I live abroad in various European countries for long assignments, we only see each other every other weekend and during the holidays. But we make up for it with some of our favourite activities: hiking and dining out! We have three children who are studying and working in research, sport and the environment sector.

…the missions she completed at agap2: As an agapian since 2011, I have worked with several clients, project owners and prime contractors on the commissioning and validation of new production units. My role involved drafting protocols or operating procedures, checking documents and setting up or administering document platforms. This took me to Germany, Belgium and Switzerland. I was already familiar with the energy sector and agap2 enabled me to discover, among others, the pharma sector. With each assignment, there is always something new to learn, new challenges, which is something I enjoy.

…her hobbies: I like reading, talking with friends and neighbours, discovering their hobbies!

…the languages she speaks: French, English, German

…how to get her to laugh: Comedians make me laugh a lot, especially when they are making fun of my lifestyle.

…what would be essential to her on a desert island: Food and drink !

…her last vacation: Lisboa, city of dreams and love, its steep streets and its fish.

And last but certainly not least, here’s her hidden talent: Finding four-leaf clovers without looking for them.