Aeronautics, Space, Defence

agap2 can work from the design phase (mechanical engineering, electronics, computing, simulation, programming, etc.), up to production startup (production engineering, quality, continuous improvement, etc.), including transversal activities (project management, configuration management, SLI, etc.).

Our expertises

Discover our areas of expertise.

Studies & Engineering

  • Basic Engineering / Detailed design work (mechanical engineering, electricity, automatic systems, software, etc.)
  • Design / Sizing / Development
  • Modelling/Simulation (CFD, meshing, computing, etc.)
  • Risk analyses
  • Drafting of specifications and design notes
  • Integration
  • Tests and Validation

Project management

  • Project management
  • Planning
  • Cost Control
  • Contract Management/Claims Management
  • Quality (Product, Process, Customer, Supplier)

Supply Chain Management

  • Production purchasing (sourcing, drafting and issue of calls for tender, technical validation of bids, management of contracts, negotiation)
  • Technical inspection of equipment on suppliers’ sites
  • Management of the logistics chain/industrial transport

Production & Production Engineering

  • Methods/Quality/Production engineering
  • Supervision/Installation on site
  • Equipment startup
  • Test and validation of process equipment
  • Continuous improvement 5S/KAIZEN/6σ/TPM/8D/AMDEC/stock management
  • Maintenance
Our offer

Different levels of commitment.

  • Commitment to results.

The commitment to results is adapted to services for which the client wishes agap2 to commit to achieving fixed objectives. It is intended for projects defined in the specifications, for which agap2 proposes a costing per task or project milestone. It allows the search for optimisation and productivity gains and is distinguished by invoicing by deliverables (tasks or milestones).

  • Commitment of resources.

The commitment of resources is the most common. It allows great flexibility and responsiveness. It is mainly intended for projects without specifications, with a scope that can change regularly. It is characterised by invoicing for time spent on the project.

Discover our intervention methods.

The aim of our interventions is to respond to our clients’ problems in the most accurate and appropriate way possible. To do this, we have built our offer on 4 modes of intervention with increasing levels of commitment.

  • Consulting activity: Individual resource management | Contract for each consultant | Responsiveness and flexibility | Commitment of means
  • Defined projects: Projects based on defined specifications | Project management by Projects Solutions | Implementation of a multidisciplinary team | Commitment to results
  • Technical platform: Centralised activity | Delegation of management Single contract | Management of skills and resources by Projects Solutions | Commitment of means
  • Outsourcing: Management of recurrent activities | Division of activities into tasks or work packages | Management of the workload by Solutions Projects | Commitment to results

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