Brabo2: Belgium’s biggest infrastructure project

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An enormous project aiming to optimise much of the city’s infrastructure is to take place in Anvers (tram network, roads, etc.). Christophe joined the project as a draughtsman.

5 years’ work in the city centre.

The project, launched by the Flemish government in conjunction with the city of Anvers, aims to improve the city’s infrastructure. It comprises a number of contracts: to construct a metro station with underground car park in the city centre, to expand the tram network with 15 kilometres of new lines, and to renew the roads, lighting and traffic lights. It’s the biggest infrastructure project to take place in Belgium in recent years. As the project was based right in the city centre, the challenge was to carry out the work without in any circumstances significantly interrupting the traffic, this being one of the client’s specific requirements.

From draughtsman to Senior Project Manager’s right hand man.

My job on this 5 year project was to solve any problems that arose regarding the design or design changes for all the above ground infrastructure: street lights, traffic lights, trams, etc. In a nutshell, I started off as a draughtsman in the design office at Engie Solutions (one of the project partners), and I ended up as the Senior Project Manager’s right hand man at the same company. I was able to upskill in this way through hard graft and taking every opportunity the client offered.

Building the future.

This project was a once in a lifetime opportunity. The most interesting aspect was its complexity, something I both loved and hated at the same time. At the end of the day, you can tell your children, your family, your friends: “Look what the other project partners and I have built.” I worked on something that will be around for a long time. It’s a totally unique project, and one I was lucky enough to get to work on because Engie Solutions and agap2 were prepared to put their trust in me. I really hope I’ll get another chance to be part of such an adventure one day.