A new mission for Jan Lipski

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“To be able to delve into complex data analysis is exciting”

Jan works at agap2 for over a year now. He is currently working as a Power Electronics Design Engineer. What motivates him in his current mission is making a tangible impact on the sector in which he is working. Find out more about Jan and his interesting project.

Could you please introduce yourself and your job in a few words?
My name is Jan Lipski, I come originally from Warsaw, Poland, but I live in Switzerland in Kanton Aargau, and I am planning to tie my future with this country. I work as a Power Electronics Engineer at agap2 for over a year and few months. In my work I take care of designing, developing, and optimizing power electronic systems that manage and control the flow of electrical energy.

Could you please introduce the client you are working for in a few words?
I have just started my new mission as a Power Electronics Design Engineer in Zurich. The company that I work for was founded over 25 years ago and has a strong expertise in development, production, commissioning, and servicing across power electronics, drive systems, and electrical energy storage. This company is focused on providing innovative and cost-effective solutions for its customers.

What other missions have you worked on with agap2?
I started as a Drive System Engineer for a railway company. In that role, I focused on designing electrical components and developing technical specifications for the entire electrical drive system for the trains. This included creating electrical schematics, verification of the documentation, and software requirements. I analysed potential error sources and worked to eliminate them to ensure smooth operation. My responsibilities also involved developing drive concepts, integrating components into trains, specifying components and drive functionality, participating in drive-related tests, and ensuring compliance with standards. My second project was in Turgi.In this role, I managed the design, testing, and qualification of components for MV drives. I also provided technical support across departments and contributed to advancing power electronics technologies for MV drives products.

Could you please introduce the project you are currently working on?
I have only recently started, so I am still in the onboarding process. I will participate in prototype design, assembling, hardware in the loop design and testing.

What excites you about this project?
What excites me about this project is the opportunity to delve into complex data analysis and to work in a very experienced team. Additionally, contributing to the advancement of power electronics technologies and making a tangible impact on the energy storage sector performance and reliability is highly motivating.

What makes you the right person to do this project?
I am a flexible person with a strong problem-solving approach. I am a good team player, and results driven. I am also a creative person, and I am sure that my previous experiences can help me do my best in my current project.

How long have you been working on this project and how long will the mission last in total?
I started on 4th March and the project is planned for 9 months.

What is the working atmosphere like within the company? Is there a perceived difference between the client’s employees and agap2 consultants?
In my current project I can see some similarities – the client I am working for is a company with many years of experience, offering a family atmosphere that can also be experienced at agap2. 

How does agap2 contribute to your daily life at work?
I am in touch with my Business Manager and the team from Division Industry in Zurich. I know I can count on any support from them in case of any doubts.