It’s all right for agap2 Belgium

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Post-lockdown is in full swing in Belgium and the Brussels agency is also beginning to return to normal activities.

Good news, projects are starting, new projects are coming and we are welcoming new consultants!

We have gone through this crisis without major damage, thanks in particular to our strategy of sector diversification and the large number of clients. We are still preparing for the post-lockdown situation and are resuming activities while respecting barrier gestures and ensuring the safety of all: recruitment processes, as well as client meetings, have been adapted thanks to the means offered to us by digitalisation. The good news is that new contracts have started and we are welcoming new consultants.

agap2, like its customers, are in the process of organizing itself to be able to welcome its employees back to the office by adapting the workplace, limiting the number of people on site and encouraging respect for barrier gestures. In order to guarantee the safety of our employees and their families, hygiene kits (reusable masks, hydroalcoholic gels) have been distributed to each of them. The health and safety of all is our priority in managing this COVID-19 crisis.

We hear a lot of talk about solidarity to face the current situation, so I will use the expression of the moment and hope to see it applied to our company in the months to come: together we are stronger!

Arnaud Fillot, Operational Director – agap2 Belgium