agap2 accompanies your projects in the Railway, Aviation & Automotive sectors from conception to implementation.

Our expertise

Discover our areas of expertise.


  • Software/hardware development
  • Construction of assemblies
  • Simulations
  • Electrics/Electronics, MEMS & Mechanics
  • Embedded Systems
  • Microchip and semiconductor manufacturing
  • Microchip development & production
  • Automation
  • Integration, testing, validation

Project, production and process management

  • Plant and capacity planning, schedule management
  • Lean Production / Agile Management
  • Industry / Factory 4.0
  • Obsolescence management
  • Technical management, technical purchasing / procurement, supply chain management
Our offer

Different levels of commitment.

Commitment to results.

Commitment to results is adapted to services for which the client wants agap2 to commit to fixed objectives. It is intended for projects defined in the specifications, for which agap2 proposes a cost calculation per task or project milestone. It allows the search for optimisation and productivity gains and is distinguished by invoicing by deliverables (tasks or milestones).

Resource commitment.

Resource commitment is the most common. It allows great flexibility and responsiveness. It is mainly intended for projects without specifications, with a scope that can change regularly. It is characterised by the invoicing of the time spent on the project.

How do we work?

Discover our intervention methods.

Our interventions aim to respond to our clients’ problems in the most accurate and appropriate way possible.

  • Temporary employment : Counselling on the current A√ú law | Flexible integration and easy adaptation of the activity | Operational support of the project manager | Invoicing of the hours worked according to the hourly rate
  • Service and consulting contract : Consultation in the elaboration of the project definition |¬†Independent implementation of the projects on site | Project documentation | Communication and project support | Invoicing of the hours worked according to the hourly rate
  • Contract for work : Detailed clarification of the assignment, stocktaking and preparation of the project concept | Project structuring with solution-oriented milestones | Communication and project support | Invoicing of the total order according with optional instalment payments according to the status of service provision
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