Whistleblowing process

Through the application of one of its strongest values, listening, agap2 promotes a climate of dialogue allowing everyone to express themselves and to share their concerns.

How to express myself without constraint?

agap2 has implemented a whistleblowing process open to all the employees from the Company, and to its third parties.

This whistleblowing process allows to confidentially notify any kind of wrong-doing or any serious violation of laws, and which could constitute a criminal or civil offence, and more generally to notify any unethical behaviors.

The whistleblowing process can be used in any situation, for instance when the regular hierarchical path cannot be used. The use of the whistleblowing process is optional.

To ease the treatment of the alert, the whistleblower is encouraged to identify himself.

How to communicate an alert?

By using the e-mail address ethics[@]moongy.group – the alert will be dealt with by the designated ethical correspondent.