agap2IT Portugal’s new take on football!

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Football ISM: The very first digital solution for managing football – developed by our Portuguese teams.

Connecting clubs and players.

In response to a call for tenders launched by the Sporting Club du Portugal in 2012, agap2IT’s teams have developed the first ever digital solution for managing football: Football ISM (Integrated Software Management). This software, which was developed entirely in-house, allows football clubs and training academies to follow their players’ sporting, academic and personal development. Product Manager Carlos is in charge of the project, which was the primary focus of 8 developers and a technical director for nearly two years.

The most comprehensive solution on the market.

Football ISM is the only platform on the market able to conduct such a detailed, cross-functional analysis of all the key information needed to manage clubs and training academies successfully. Recruitment of young talent, assessment of training sessions and competition performance, management of facilities and equipment, monitoring of players’ health, diet and legal issues – all this data is analysed and can easily be consulted at any time. Information that clubs may not have even monitored, let alone collated, until now.

Better data management.

Football is a business and must be managed like one. Thanks to Football ISM, data can be analysed as a whole and not as a series of unconnected items of information. A club’s vital legal, financial and administrative data need to be organised. For example, with Football ISM, clubs can record every contract with every player. Every month, clauses are checked automatically, which makes monthly payments to players far easier – legal processes that , even today, are still conducted in an archaic manner by large organisations.

Football ISM’s future looks promising.

The first club to adopt our solution in 2016 was of course the Sporting Club of Portugal, one of the most renowned clubs in the world and one that can proudly boast that it was responsible for training Luís Figo and Cristiano Ronaldo. Since then we’ve worked with clubs in Brazil and Nigeria, Spanish club Sevilla and clubs in the USA and the United Soccer League.

At the same time we’ve been developing SportsISM, a product that can be used for any sport, not just football. It’s already operating in Portugal’s advanced development centre, and some of the players competing at the Tokyo Olympics have already taken it on board. By the end of summer 2021, a new member will have joined the ISM family. But we’ll talk about that in our next issue!